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Mic Kabel Shure SM 58 LC

Mic Kabel Shure SM 58 LC
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Mic Kabel Shure SM 58 LC

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  • kabel mic
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Mic Kabel Shure SM 58 LC

Your famous Shure SM58® oral microphone is for skilled oral use within live performance, sound encouragement, as well as studio documenting. It’s tailored vocal reply pertaining to sound can be a world common regarding vocal as well as talk. A powerful, built-in spherical filtering decreases wind flow and air “pop” noise. A new unidirectional (cardioid) pick up pattern isolates the primary sound resource whilst reducing undesired history noise.

Mic Kabel Shure SM 58 LC


Mic Kabel Shure SM 58 LC

  • Dynamic microphone cartridge using a frequency reply customized together with brightened mid-range and also largemouth bass rolloff to provide famous hot as well as clear oral processing.
  • Uniform cardioid polar design isolates vocal sound sources whilst reducing track record noise.
  • Internal air-driven shock install lessens coping with noise.
  • Legendary construction and flexibility regarding regular efficiency under durable use along with abuse in phase or perhaps in the particular business.


Mic Kabel Shure SM 58 LC


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