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Mic Kabel JBL NK 77

Mic Kabel JBL NK 77
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Indonesia Karaoke

Mic Kabel JBL NK 77

Mic Kabel JBL NK 77 Stage Microphone Prefrred By Touring Vocalists And Sound Professional. Smooth Sound Tailored For Warm.

Preferred by touring vocalist and sound professional. Smooth sound tailored warm accurate reproduction.Mic Kabel JBL NK 77


Kelengkapan Mic Kabel JBL NK 77 :

  • 1 bh mic handheld cable
  • kabel mic
  • etc

The JBL NK 77 is really a top quality dynamic microphone having a entire bodied sound and a good transient reply. It provides a constant cardioid polar patt ern for a low away -axis pigmentation plus a good denial of undesirable seems.

Mic Kabel JBL NK 77

Mic Kabel JBL NK 77

The actual JBL NK 77 has a noticeable reputation maximum focused on Five kHz for the ahead and also unique sound. While using the JBL NK 77 near to the sound supply results in a bass boost in the actual 75-300 Hz region because of the proximityeffect that can help create noises and equipment sound bigger.

Mic Kabel JBL NK 77

Mic Kabel JBL NK 77

A few changes allows the consumer to modify the frequency response. There are 2 changes for picking a pair of diff erent striped bass rolloff filters the other move with regard to reducing the reaction inside a regularity range centered around A few kHz.

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