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Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188

Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188
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Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188

Krezt ECM 3188

Krezt Professional Electret Condenser Microphone Hi-Fidelity Uni-Directional Electret Condenser Microphone Excellent Reproduction Of Voice And Music Professional

Kelengkapan Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188 :

  • 1 bh mic handheld condenser cable
  • kabel mic
  • sarung mic
  • etc

Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188

Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188


The Krezt ECM 3188 is the flagship condenser performance microphone in the Krezt series with its roots in Krezt legendary tuned condenser studio microphones. The Krezt ECM 3188 Condenser Capsule is hand-selected and tuned for an open, detailed and present sound that is as well-suited to the stage as it is the studio.

Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188


Krezt engineers matched the capsule to a custom-designed phantom power circuit, which together provide a rapid and powerful sound that is an ideal match for powerful vocals. The Krezt ECM 3188 unique reinforced chassis design mounts the capsule for optimal performance and isolation from handling noise, while providing vault-like protection for the capsule to ensure years of breathtaking performances.

Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188

Mic Condenser Krezt ECM 3188


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